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Candace's Story

Back in 1997, I was diagnosed with PCOS. I had read about it and knew that is what I was experiencing, my visit with an endocrinologist confirmed it. After about 2 years of several medications I felt I was not getting any better and took it upon myself to decide that I was mis-diagnosed and that I should not be on these medications. Things didn't really change, the acne continued - I used Accutane and that worked for a while. I had lost 60lbs and the depression had subsided. I was still on BC so I don't know if my periods were "normal". In 2001, I joined a gym and worked out 2-3 hours a weight went up but not too much. I was still pleased with how I looked. As time went on (2002), my weight went up and then I had gained 60+lbs in what seem like overnight. My anti-depressants were not cutting it. My acne was coming back..I was 29, won't this ever go away??? My hair is thin...I figured the PCOS was rearing it's ugly head again, and I might as well face it. I went back to the endocrinologist, the same office, different Dr. She took my history and decided that she would do the Dexamethasone Suppresion test. I had no idea why but it was okay with me. This was December 2002. I went to my sister's for Christmas and asked her pre-med girlfriend what this test was for. She said Cushing's Syndrome. When I returned home, I looked Cushing's up on the Internet and that was it.

The testing(fun) continued until April when I had the MRI which found the 5 mm tumor on my Pituitary gland. They set up the appointment to see the nuerosurgeon. We set a surgery date of May 27th.

I had the surgery and think I came out well, with minimal "suffering" afterwards. I had headaches to some degree and congestion for 4 weeks afterwards. Apparently, I bled a lot and I STILL have "stuff" in my nose and a not so pleasant odor (which fortunately I can only smell). I am tired but nothing out of the ordinary. I am still on 20mgs of Hydrocortisone (30mg out of the hospital). I hope to decrease again in August. I feel like I am 100yrs old, it's often uncomfortable to even sleep in my own bed.

Recovery continues - I am looking forward to getting back to "normal". I'm not sure I was ever really there though!

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