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Bubbles's Story

I have had anxiety for years and in the last several years kept on putting on weight- My Family Dr . had my insulin level tested-- not blood sugar- and it was high so I began being treated for Metabolic syndrome- also known as syndrome x( insulin resistance)

I had high BP and Colesteral and osteoperosis- hair loss- moon face weighted 195- after several months on Metformin-- the blood pressure came down and Ilost 40 lbs-

went to an Endo specialist- and he had pm cortisol test and 24 hr urine- then had MRI of head - it showed a Pit tumor and later a CT saw an Adrenal tumor-- my Cortisol level has stayed high- DR said Ineeded to get a Petrosal sinus sample- Ihave not done that yet-

trying to decide if the symptoms are bothersom enough to warrant the surgery

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