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Brandy's Story

I am a twenty-three year old wife and mom. I work as a part-time children's pastor and part-time student.

While I have not yet been diagnosed with Cushings (because I'm still waiting for insurance to go through before I can request the tests) I am so encouraged to know that there may be medical explanations to all that I am going through. I have gone into the doctor on several occasions, and spent a small fortune on pregnancy tests because of missed periods or other "pregnancy" symptoms.

Finally, on my last visit to the doctor's office, I was telling the nurse about all the symptoms I was having. The nurse suggested that I come in for a "full work-up" to see if there is something going on with my pituitary gland. That night, I went online to search for pituitary problems,and I stumbled across information about Cushings. I was SHOCKED at how similar my body shape is to the picture on the site. And I started crying when I read all the other symptoms that go along with this illness. I cried because I felt such an overwhelming since of relief that I'm not going crazy and that it's not all in my head. There could be a reason for all this junk, and treatment for it!

I am in the process of applying for health insurance. (I want to make sure I have it BEFORE I get any tests done.)

I'm hoping to go in January to have the tests run.

Thank you so much to everyone who posts on this site. You guys and gals have given me boldness to ask for the tests that I need thanks so much!

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