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Bonnietta's Story

After 2 years of going to my doctors and being sent away because I was being silly, I went private and within two weeks I was diagnosed. I suppose having an extremely predominant Buffalo hump and the classic moon face helped, but its such a relief as I really thought I was going mad.

I had gone from being a very healthy person weighing about nine and a half stone to not even being able to climb the stairs and weighing 15 stone. The doctors told me it was because I was fat and unhealthy. They would not look at why I was putting on weight. My blood pressure went to 145 over 120 and still they just kept telling me it was because I was fat......

Any way I have been diagnosed and I'm now awaiting treatment. I'm not sure yet what treatment I will be receiving as I have my appointment next week to discuss it, but to tell you the truth I feel more relived that I'm not mad and that there is a means to an end that I don't mind what they have to do to end it all.

What I would like to ask other people is how long does it take for the buffalo hump and moon face to start going down. Mine is quite very large!

A very thankful 31 year old for finding this site!!!!!!

Update January 31, 2005:

I finally had my operation in January 2005. The opperation was a complete sucsess as they removed the tumour and left the pit gland intact. I am now taking a course of short term hormones/steroid tablets.

Two weeks after my opperation i awoke in the middle of the night to having a sever hemoradge and was rushed to hospital. I ended up being admited and my nose was plugged and i was kept in hospital for a week and took a course of anti biotics. The surgeon said he had never experienced a hemorage two weeks after the opperation. Has any body else come across this.

Any way back at home now and taking it easy, starting to feel much better and its only three weeks after the surgery. My moon face and my buffalow hump have started going down!!!

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