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BonnieAnn's Story

I began to put a lot of weight on in my belly area following a gallbladder surgery. They had found a mass on my left adrenal gland thru a routine ct scan at that time. It was retested after six months with no change.

The weight came on dispite exercise and diet. I put on over 120lbs in about 16 months. My face became full and round and red. My body hot and clammy and always sweating. Hypertension uncontrolled and now Diabetic uncontrolled for about a year. I would look in the mirror and did not know the person looking back at me. I began to appear pregnant because my legs and arms remained thin. I broke my heal and was in a cast for 12 weeks with a slow to heal bone. I was depressed. I was still counting calories and measuring food. Anxiety set in. My upper arms sore to take down wind chimes. I would squat down and be unable to get back up without help or falling over. I am 41 years old and have two daughters and had always been very thin. I knew something was seriously wrong. My primary care doctor didn't hear me.

I had questioned the adrenal mass but he didn't give my concerns much merit. I told him I was getting more depressed he said maybe I needed a shrink! I got upset and out of character said I am SICK not crazy. He sent me to a Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology to help my diabetes but the Doctor there noticed the large purple stretch marks on my abd and thighs and after the exam said to me she thought she knew my problem. Cushing's. Well I have been confirmed to have it.

I am getting ready to have the petrosal sinus sampling test. The tumor did not show up on MRI. I have high levels of cortisol and ACTH. I have also a tumor on each adrenal gland. One is 4cm and beign and the other 6cm and of another mass. I just got this Cushing's DX a month ago and have been undergoing all the tests. I have to have pituitary surgery they are now telling me. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on. I have extreem fatigue and feel so weak. I am currently still working and exhausted. I am grateful to have found this website of others who understand. This is like being in your own world of misery. I am just grateful for a DX now to act on.

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