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Bobby's Story

My name is Bobby im 22 years old and from new orleans I was diagnose when I was 15 with chrons disease and made it through and thought that was all I would have to face little did I know a bunch of other health issues would hit!!

about 2 or 3 years ago I started sweating alot but I thought nothing of it I worked out alot then over the last year and a half I have gott real sick dizzy,migraines, feeling like gonna have seizure, feeling faint,frequent urination,musclr cramps, bed sweats, craving sugar, exhaustion,acne,stretch marks, and on top that high blood pressure and blood sugar spikes sometimes,

I have been to numerous doctors and they have told me nothing is wrong with u I have been testes for diabetes, thyroid disease and have had 2 mris of head bec of headaches nothing, one doc told me to breath in a paper bag I lokk at him and said im not scares of nothing im really sick I cant even work out or drive bc feeling lke im goin to blackout,

in july of 07 even thoug hI was feeling these symptoms I told my self I was normal I got hired by the new orleans police department so I was in the poice acadey the first 6 weeks and had to drop out with these syptoms getting worse feels like im dying

Im currently on leave being real sick I researched and told my regular doc to test my acth the results came back my level was5 the range was 6 to like 58, I got referrd to an endo. she ordered 5 4 aa test or somethiun urinary to rule out carcinoid, and another for metamephrines cataccolimines or somethin meanwhile I got my reg doc to ordere 24 hour cortisol my cortisol was 148 the range was from 11-84 I was on prednisone for a couple of weeks but have been totaly off for 4 months and I felt like this before starting it so I know its omething else

I researshed and the internet said high 24 hour cortisol and low acth points to adrenalk tumor causing cushings my follow up with the endo is in another week meanwhile I read the results to another doc and my uncle in houston who is a doctor and he said u need adrenalk catscan I said I know so I called my reg doc up and asked for a catscan he oredered one I get it tomm on my adrenals it is hard enough having chronns disease I alsoi will probably need surgery on that soon they found a narrowing and a non cancerous tumor in nov. so ive been nautious with that with diareah on top of this stuff

hopefully this gets figuresd out I havent left my house in 2 months and want to go back to work and havent drove or hungout with friends I am lookin to GOD woth all this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also had high serum cortisol eferytime 4 times in past year and my 24 hour creatinine was elevated range 800-200 mine was 2193

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