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Bobbie's Story

I have been checking this site often lately...

Here is my Story. I am 25 now, just getting started.

About 6 years ago I met a man that drove me insane and was a complete opposite. Needless to say, I married him. I'm getting a little ahead here though.

I believe my symptoms go back to my teen years. I was raised by a single father and was not only not familiar with a menses cycle but did not realize it was abnormal. As I got older, I monitored it a bit more but the Doctors often thought nothing of it. As a teen, I also was identified with symptoms of depression, anxiety, acne and back pain. So until about 18, I was on and off on anxiety medication, depression medication, birth control to regulate periods and occasional hydrocodone for intense lower back pain.

It was during this time that I began to gain weight, it has been very gradual averaging about 15lbs a year. Being raised with a military father on a farm, I have always been active. I though, well here we go, Im starting to age, the family often associated it to genetics as most everyone in my fathers side has a large portion of weight in the torso region and face. In 2004, my mother passed from lung and breast cancer. Not growing up with her made the news hard to bare 3 months after her funeral. I began to have symptoms of psychosis and my new husband at the time managed me pretty well and as I say steady like a rock.

My anxiety grew and in December of 2004, I was hospitalized for suicidal tendencies. I had only been married for a month when I went to the hospital, but my husband who has always had a "go with the flow" attitude didnt flench and continued as if everything was normal. My father stepped in and offered as much support as possible. I was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I began to work in a new job in Jan of 2005, something that would be less stressful than a methadone clinic. Not mentioning my prior problems to my new found employment, I grew close to my Supervisor and as years passed, I confided in her on some of my past problems and acomadations were made for my health issues. I always feel ill in the morning, so much that vommiting becomes routine and for a month, my employer accomadated a part-time schedule. I was given oppurtunity for growth and starting as a temp, I have grown to a Supervisor postion. My routine Doctor visits identified IBS, Polcystic ovary syndrom, Depression, Anxiety, High Cholesterol, elevated from normal Blood Pressure. I still have depression, anxiety, psycosis, IBS, Abnormal Hair growth, cysts, acne, "moon face", weight gain in the torso, abscence of perios, reddish-blue streaks on the skin, tiredness, muscle weakness, sleep disturbances, red face, receading hair line.

It was not until 2 weeks ago that I found there may be an answer. I decided to attend a seminar given by UC Davis on PCOS. They are doing a study on the effects of nuts and oils on the metabolic symptoms. I was excited to participate in the study and signed up for a physical. When meeting with an amazing doctor who listened to my every symptom, I felt relief in someone speaking to me with such understanding and empathy. She did not ask about previous diagnosis except for PCOS, she did a quick sweep analyzing my body and said "Well, I agree you probably have PCOS but I ned you to get something checked out for me". Speaking in a heavy accent I hardly understood her probable diagnosis and had her write it down for me. "Cushing's Disease", it sounded like an episode from House (Season 1 Episode 16 :) I immeadiately ramped up on my research, I remeber my supervisor asking me my thoughts on something and I just sat there reading and thinking, Oh, my god... this is me, I was scared and relieved but had to get more answers.

I e-mailed my PCP whom is a Nurse Practioner with Kaiser, not giving me any feedback on the prognosis, she immediately ordered the 24 hour Urinalysis. And so here I am, waiting on test results. I'm eager to hear that the symptoms are something that offers a cure, a Solution!

I have a Doctors visit in jsut a few days and am counting down the minutes. If negative, I will continue to search for answer because after all, if someone you have only seen once can offer such clear solution, they all may lead up to something else with a solution.

I encourage everyone to search for answers, I know Doctors seem to run on automatic piot these days, but there are a few out there that may also be searching for answers. I will update my posting on the results but am very thankful to have this website avaialble to research all the questions to such a complicated diagnosis.

To everyone, my very Best Wishes that you find an answer!

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