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Billi's Story...

I don't know precisely where to begin. I do know that I stopped cycling at 29, they said "early menopause." Another doctor at UC Davis, tested and said, not even close, but I don't know what it is. An internist said, "you are within the "normal range". Yet another, fertility specialist, said "internal damage."

Now I have male pattern baldness, seborrhea?, cystic acne (began at 29), cluster headaches, chronic depression, bouts of rage, fingernails cracking and pealing, injuries galore, usually diagnosed as "soft tissue damage" to joints etc. Vision problems in the last three years, chronic weight trouble despite diet and exercise. And I'm so darn tired of being ill and not feeling like doing anything that I wonder sometimes if they aren't correct and that it's all in my mind.

I've had pneumonia 4 times in two and a half years. My spine is now twisting into an s shape from muscle spasms, my feet swell and have broken blood vessels course so do my arms at times and I won't have done a darn thing to cause it. I have bruises I don't know how I got. I did get my doctor trained finally to the point that if I said I smelled an infection, or felt puny he'd treat it. (The times he blew me off I ended up in the ER with Pneumonia or a severe sinus infection.) It's insane, recently he ran a test because again I felt bad, and it seems that my testosterone levels were around 200, max for females is around 50 so I've heard and read.

So he's sending me to an endo, my first visit went well I suppose. I'm hoping for a reasonable answer for what's been happening all these years.

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