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Bexx's Story

I have struggled with my health since i was a small child around the age of 7 or 8.

I started seeing doctors in regards to my constant migraines as a small child, my incredible lack of energy, etc. I received from many of them claims that I was simply "making it up" and was labeled a Hypochondriac even though i had many physical problems.

About three and a half years ago I started having TIA's (transient ischemic attacks) which are similar to strokes just on a minor level, and immediately began gaining weight. At the time I was living in Northern Alaska and thought it could have something to do with winter and boredom but the weight just kept piling on no matter what i did.

I then divorced and moved back to Washington where I continued to have daily migraines and gain weight with peculiar clumbsiness spells, depression, skin infections that would spread and never heal, strange purplish red stretchmarks on my previously smooth and thin stomach, etc. My spouse just kept saying over and seems like you dont eat that much and you gain weight....things like that everyone was noticing. I soon after developed a very noticeable hump on my lower neck./top of my shoulders and got the worlds largest double chin.

People have approached me in the store to ask when I am mortifying! I am a person who before this was with normal to thin weight and took great pride in my appearance. This part alone has devestated me.

I have been visiting my general practitioner for a few years now for my migraines (which are on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis), my skin infections and every once in a while i might get greedy and ask for something to help with the pain. I then started complaining I was feeling so tired even though everyone was making comments about how i am making things up and my body wouldnt hurt so bad if i just tried to forget about the "pain" i was making up....its pretty hard to imagine this pain.

Something similar to what my 90 year old grandmother complains i finally made a doctor's appointment where i had decided i wanted to get some cahoones and told her i didnt think it was normal that i went from weighing 145 to weighing 280....something about that is just not right. i diet, i excercise daily, i work in a physical job, i weight train when i can....whats up? i also complained that my back has been feeling so horrible and that my roommate has been calling me a hunchback and i cant seem to get rid of my insane double chin....she then starting asking me questions and decided to do the 24 hour urine test and a series of blood tests.

yesterday i went into the doctor to get the results of my lab tests and she told me I have Cushings, i Have fibromyalgia and i also have fibrocystic ovarian syndrome. She said in nine years of practice i am the first person she has ever met with cushings and i am also the first she has ever diagnosed. when she came across the realization that i may have this she spoke with 7 other doctors to review the results before giving me her diagnosis.

i am only missing problems with my blood pressure...only of the only things going great with my body other than my incredible cholesterol

I am currently living in Redmond, Washington and am packing up and moving to new york in two and a half weeks from now. When I get there I am going to go in for treatment and then figure out what to do from there. I am basically here to speak with someone with a little more courage than I have at the moment to hopefully find a few more sources for strength to return to myself. My fiance and brother are trying their hardest to be supportive but i cant help but feel like they have no idea how i feel and for some reason i cant help but harbor feelings of frustration in believing those who love me dont seem to care.

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