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Bev's Story

My name is Bev Sullivan in May 2007 I was diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome. This was after years of trying to convince doctors that there was something wrong. most of them put it down to depression and sent me away with anti-depression tablets.

I finally got a consultant that never gave up on me and gave me an MRI scan and found a small tumor on my left adrenal gland. This was over making to much steroid causing my body to change in way that I couldn't bear to look at myself. I went from a uk size 12 weighing 10 stonne to a uk size 22 weighing 16 stonnes.

My operation date was the 3rd Oct 2007, it was like waiting for eternity I think if I had to wait any longer I would not be here today. I went from being a full time hands on mum, with three boys to not wanting to do anything, I use to stay in bed all day, I just use to get up to pick the boys up and then went back to bed when my husband home. My body was that full of water and fat I couldn't move around so I didn't. The consultant that carried out my operation was an amazing man, a man that saved my life.

After my operation they put me on steroids that I had to reduce every three weeks, I finished my steroids in January and dont need to continue because my other adrenal gland has kicked in, which is great because it could of took anything up to 3 years to start working again. My expectations after the op were too high as I thought I would start feeling better, even though my weight is coming off me I feel like my body is a lead weight. I have no energy physically and mentally Iam so tired.

I started back at work on a part-time basis which even though I love my Job Iam struggling with, its hard to keep saying you feel ok when you so feel so tired and fatigued every day, I have an endo nurse who I can phone for support when I feel low which is quite often, I asked her a question ? is this it, is this my life now, I feel like Iam just existing not living. I Carn't give up now as I have come this far but I can say this is the worsr time of my life so far and like you will know you just have to ride the storm.

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