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Beth's Story

HEY YOU GUYS, I'm new to this whole blog/forum/confusing site.... lol.. anywho i have been seeing dr's for five years now. I've seen heart dr's, ENT's, pulmonary dr's, endo's, holistic dr's, and the Hotze clinic in houston that I spent thousands of dollars at b/c they were cash only. It never fails for them to just "do what they do" and there's no end in sight.

With each passing day I feel as if i can't go on anymore. I was told i had sleep apnea so they did a tonselectomy and adnoidectomy b/c they said i wasn't getting enough oxygen. I've done a turbinate reduction and septoplasty b/c the dr said i wasn't getting enough oxygen and it failed.

I've been told i was pre-diabetic then i got pregnant w/my son and the obgyn said I wasn't. I've seen so many dr's and NO DIAGNOSIS...My symptoms include the following.. MUSCLE FATIGUE AND ACHES so severe i can barely able to hold my head up ,brush my hair, brush my teeth, change my sons diaper, play outside w/my child, hold a book to read it, you get the point.

FAIGUE IN MY MIND, SOUL, HEAD AND BODY which causes not being able to concentrate on a baseball game or type this bio. This is an extreme challenge for me. MEMORY LOSS. Being so ANXIOUS, IRRITABLE , and NERVOUSNESS that my insides shake and my body doesn't respond to sound or daily stress at all. It feels like i'm going to explode or have an anxiety attack daily. Oxygen deprivation to the point of just sitting for hours or laying in bed at night trying to yawn for hours just to get that one satisfying breath.

I sometimes feel as though i have to manually make myself breathe and it goes in so slow i feel like i'm going to pass out. IT seems as though my heart and lungs just don't match up. DEPRESSION, not b/c of my life but b/c the simplest things in life i used to enjoy are soooo hard b/c of my health. EITHER completely FATIGUED AND ACHY or so ANXIOUS i can't concentrate or think. It's one or the other. GAINED 60 LBS IN 2 YRS with major salt cravings. LOSS OF LIBIDO, SWOLEN FINGERS, PUFFY FACE, EXCESSIVE SWEATING since i was a child, ALWAYS HOT, INSOMNIA- feels as though i'm mentally and physically awake even though my eyes are shut..OCCASIONAL SWOLEN LYMPHNODES behind my ears, VERY SLOW IN SPEECH, GRANMOTHER HAD CUSHINGS.

Thanks for letting me vent there... I've recently seen an amazing dr who helped my grandmother when nobody else did and he checked my cortisol levels w/the ufc test and it was a 336 and then i took again recently (21 days later) and it is 66. I am waiting on the nurse to call and tell me what the dr says after he reviews it but i won't see him for two months so i am frustrated b/c i can't figure out what the #'s mean.

What's up w/the high and low #'s?? What other tests are important for the diagnosis of cushings?? thanks so much , beth

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