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Becky's Story

My bio...How to begin...I am new to the world of cushings, yet wonder if it hasn't been with me for years and years, perhaps since puberty. I am 39 years old and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia seven years ago. Tried all the drugs and decided that I would rather be numb and disabled from the disease rather than the treatment. Missed 2 years of my life following the Dr.'s advice, drug free and in pain. for the last 5 years.

2 years ago begin gaining weight, go from a healthy 135 lb pear to an unhealthy 176 lb apple.strange hump forms on my back, more stretch marks than ever before...including pregnancies..more pain, bone pain, fat neck and face...blurry vision and my normally ultra low bp is heading up. I am exhausted and can't sleep most nights more than 3 hours at a time...and just feel like I am dying...

I am currently undergoing testing after putting all the strange little symptoms into a list and taking them to my gyn.dring my check up after she removed a strange polyp from my uterus and is trying to regulate my bizarre periods. She ordered a blood test for cortisol. She sent me to an internest. He tested again for plasma cortisol and did a overnight suppression test. He sent me to an indocrinologist. She tested me and said that due to my high plasma cortisol (39.2) and high acth (50) I most likely had a pituitary endonoma. UFC test is considered normal at 33.8. MRI results show no tumor, partially empty sella, normal pituitary. Now she wants to focus on my thyroid, TSH (606) T3,total (231).

I ask if fixing the hormone balance of my thryroid will cause my cortisol and acth to drop, she says "they are all interrelated....maybe".. She wants me to retest in 6 weeks. I ask what if my cortisol is not lower in 6 weeks, she says then we will do a full body scan. We leave the office scratching our heads...once again hoping to get answers and only getting more questions...So here I am waiting for 6 weeks to go by and wondering if I don't need to find a specialist in this area??

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