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Becky's Story...

I was diagnosed on my fifth year of Cushing's syndrome. I couldn't lift my head off a pillow by that time. I knew something was deadly wrong with me in 1999 but every time I would go to an emergency room I was mistreated horribly. They treated me like I was a drug addict or a mental case. I was abused so many times by emergency rooms and hospital stays that eventually I started to believe I was crazy.

Finally Dr. Michaels in Salem Or. suspected Cushing's. I went to James Niefing at St. Vincents hospital and after two years of believing I was crazy they diagnosed me with pituitary Cushing's.

For two years I went through living hell every test known to mankind was preformed on me. human guinea pig was more like it.

Anyway, if they had only done a die test with my MRI. on my pituitary gland I wouldn't of had to wait so long before and diagnosis. Anyway I had the tumor removed two years ago in March. I still have most of the symptoms. Does any one live in the Portland Or. area that would like to e-mail me at Please write soon. I would really like to hear from pituitary Cushing's sufferers.

Thank you,


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