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Becca's Story

Thanks for stopping by to read what I have to blurt out here on this web page. It's nice to see that there is a support group out here for those who do/or might have Cushings.

I am a 31 yo female, I work in law enforcement, lots of stress, lots of days where adrenaline rolls at an all time high for the entire 12 hour shift. I have always been a very outgoing person, loves to chat all the time, very social and ALWAYS on the go, always eating correctly, and for most of my life, never had to really exercise unless I wanted to build muscle with weight lifting.

My older sister had her thyroid removed over 4 yrs ago and has been taking supplements for the past 4 years. She went from 280 pds to 130 pds, and is doing great.

Around 2 years ago I went from my normal self to having no energy, depression, withdrawing from friends and family. I went to my doctor, he gave me anti-depressants, first wrong diagnosis. Then I started gaining more and more weight, and this was happening with a very healthy diet and started to exercise 6 days a week. Went back to the doctor again, told he to stop the anti-depressants, and that it was stress alone that was making me gain weight, I explained that with all the stress relief of exercise, good diet and no alcohol, I should not be gaining weight. (and no it wasnt muscle.)

After still gaining and gaining weight, I saw the doctor again, my doctor put me on Levoxyl and Cytomel, the doctor thought that maybe since my sister had the problem, I might have the same thing (my tests for TSH do show hypothyroid). I still havent had any changes or improvments (after almost a year of Levoxyl and Cytomel), it seems to keep getting worse, there is something more to it, I know my body and I know that there is something very wrong with me that is beyond my thyroid.

Still gaining weight, headaches, foggy head, fatigue, sore joints, aches everywhere and major weight gain now in my stomache, my arms and legs are staying the same, went from 135 pds to 200 pds on a 5 foot 5 frame, fat moon face, acne and swelling. My last appt with him was a total break down, as in, doc, you gotta do something, or I am going to lose my mind.

He made me lay down, checked my abdomen and said immediately that I need to take a test for Cushings Disease, he gave me the paperwork. I am waiting on results now, but after all my research, I am scared. I worry about how long I will be down after surgery if I have this disease, and how this will continue to effect me as a single mother.

I appreciate everyone who has posted their story on here so that I can understand how others feel and what their success has been. Its giving me hope. God bless all of you!

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