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BC Lewis' Story

My son passed away suddenly while playing baseball in fall 2006. I always said, "When he died, I died". I didnt know how true that was until I started having symptoms of Cushings a few months later.

I started getting bruises and very tender skin on my lower arms, I started to gain weight in my abdomen, back face, etc. I became faigued, weak, aching all over. About half my long hair fell out.I was mis-diagnosed for a yer by my regular dr. who attributed to the antidepresants I was taking etc.

I went into congestive heart faiure in Aug of 2007. I ususaly saw the cardiologist's PA, but finally in Jan of 2008, I had become much worse and saw the cardiologist himself, and outlined my symptoms, He immediately said, ": YU have CUshings SYndrome" and made me an appt. for the next day with an endocrine dr.

I went through 3 months of testing and waiting, getting sciker all the time. The Endcrinologiest told me I'd hve to go to a specialty hospital in VA. to have the pituitary tumor removed, I didnt want to, but I did in early April of this year. The dr. said the tumor was wrapped aound my carotid (sp) arteries, And I probably woud have been dead in 3 weeks.

No one really prepared me for thr suffering and misery I am enduring post-surgery-a the chemicals produced by the Cushings work their way ut f my system. It has been and is horrible. I am hue bound, in constant pain , nauseus, cant sleep, can hardly eat and still have this horrible bloating round my mid-section etc.

I desperately need hope that this is not the way I will feel for a long time or always. It just isnt worth it.

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