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Barbara B's Story...

I am now 56yrs old and I was diagnosed with cushings in 1986. It was two days after my daughters wedding that and orthopedic surgon noticed my puffy, red, hairy face, a hump on my back and the reason I was there a collies fracture (old persons fracture)and I was a changed woman from three weeks ago (thank goodness for the stress that bought the symptoms out)

It took two months of tests to confirm a piturity tumor and a ct scan to show it was on the right hand side. I dont know if I would ever have found out as I had been searching for a least 5yrs to doctors spec changed my entire life changed my diet exercised worked on my stress nothing lasted finally by the time I broke my wrist I was suicidial,so depressed, My local doctor sent me to a Natrapath I got the message that I was was wasting her time I had a succesful surgry and I have been clear since. My story doesn't end with the op as I have had lots of sickness since I really think that if you have had cushings it has dammaged you on the inside worn you out although that doesn't seem to be documented. If you think you've got it don't move out of the endo's chair untill he does all the tests.


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