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Audrey's Story

I am a 51 year old female, diagnosed with kidney cancer 22 cm big. in 2000.

I had surgery and had my left kidney removed, left adrenal gland, a few ribs. Supposedly they got it all, only to find a year later it came back on the other side in adrenal gland.

I went for a treatment called Interlukin 2 (IL2) It is a treatment done in the hospital for 5 days in ICU. 3 times a day for 5 days. 10 days of then again in hospital, when I went in again my heart stopped and they stopped treatment. Last treatment November.

Now I have to wait and see if tumor grows again. I have gained a lot of weight and interested in anyone having gained weight from cancer or adrenal problems. I don't walk very much like I used to (5miles a day) but I'm not eating like I used to also.

Any feedback please let me know. Post or email me at

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