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Audrey's Story

My name is Audrey. I have been recently reffered to an endocronologist and am about to begin the journey of completing and (from what I hear) possibly duplicating, diagnostic tests that may bring a diagnosis of Cushings.

I am hoping that I receive some sort of answer about what has been happening to me. I do not wish to have Cushings. I wish that if I do, I find out soon. My first meeting with the endo is January 9th, 2008.

After researching several sites and learning alot about Cushings/possible causes, I felt almost panicked, overhelmed, and just overall sadness. So many pains, illnesses, terrible bouts of vertigo, hospitalizations,anxiety, mood swings, daily nausea and/or vomiting with no answers. Recent weight gain and an overwhelming exhaustion ( that I have actually cried about) is up front on the newest symptoms.

Funny how you can put everything together, just by "happening" upon an accidental finding ,I will explain. I had been having upper back pain, so I had an MRI. All is well with my spine in the upper thoracic, however....... a large fatty deposit, possible lipoma was found. A large hump. Large hump + all other symptoms= testing for Cushings.

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