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Anonymous' Story

I was diagnosed at the age of 7, along with my younger sister whom was five with primary hyperaldosteronism. We genetically inherited from our father whom is 56 years of age, and was diagnosed at 6 years old. We went through several trial and errors with various diurectic, beta-blocker, and anti-hypertensive meds over the span of approximately 10 years.

At the age of 18 my sister and I both had a bilateral adrenalectomy (removal of both adrenal glands). Unfortunately, My sister passed away 2 years ago from not taking her steroids properly. I am currently still taking my meds. I have experienced weight gain from the steroids. I feel well although due to the weight gain I have had to take high blood pressure pills again.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions as far as how to deal with my weight and appetite.

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