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Annie's Story

I just wish I would have found this website 6 or 7 years ago. I play over and over again all the details of my journey in my head. I have experienced most all of the symptoms that are listed: High blood pressure, weight gain (40 pounds), moom face, buffalo hump, lack of concentration, insomnia, too many rib fractures to count, thin skin, poor healing, scarred up arms, bruises galore, facial and arm hair, weak legs, no mentrual period, crazy moody, seizures, until finally, the straw that broke, a broken back from tripping due to weak legs.

I have lupus so I was taking Prednisone, but only 10 mg. My doctor thought I was just having a “severe reaction” to it. I’ve been on and off this drug since I was 18. I was 37 at the time.

My mother handed me an article from the newspaper about a lady who wrote into the doctor with a question. It described me perfectly. I brought the article to my doctor who told me that this was a very rare disease and I was just having a bad reaction to the steroids.

I was finally admitted to the hospital after walking around with a broken back for almost 3 weeks, the pain was too unbearable any longer. I actually never missed a day from work. Looking back, I don’t know how I managed. I have a wonderful husband and am fortunate to have many, many sisters who care deeply for me and were very concerned as to what was happening to me.

It’s been almost 3 years since my right adrenal gland was removed. I still feel as though I am not to where I was. But quite frankly, I don’t really know any longer if that’s who I was or was that the Cushings? My doctor and I figure I was sick probably 5 years prior to my surgery.

I had a tough recovery especially since I was dealing with the side affects of my back injury on top of the total loss of strength in my legs. By the end of my first day in the hospital, I couldn’t ever walk down the hall let alone get out of bed without help.

For the most part now, I’m doing great! I’ve lost the 40 pounds, my skin and bones are stronger, I’m mentally 95% better, the 5% is scarred. My relationship with my husband is even better now. I think he missed his wife during those 5 years of my illness. I am so blessed he didn’t give up on me. I thank God for that every day, and twice on Sunday.


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