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Anne's Story

I was diagnosed with cushings 15 years ago and have had every test imaginable and they haven't found a tumour anywhere. I have most of the symptoms and am going crazy not being able to do anything.

Racently my docto retired and my new doctor was shocked at how I'd been abandoned and put in the "too-hard" basket. She sent me to a new endocronologist who did all the tests, and more, again.....still no tumour. He ruled out pituatary and adrenal and put me on medication...ketaconazole and cytadren. These drugs have lowered my cortisol levels a bit but I feel terrible...migrains, exhaustian, teary,etc. I'm taking 14 tablets a day.

I'm considering having my adrenals removed. I've had enough!!!

If anyone can share with me about either taking those medications or having adrenals removed, I would be soooo grateful.

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