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Anita's Story

My name is Anita, and I have had symptoms of cushings for over 20 years, misdiagnosed.

I have had saliva tests done that "prove" I have severe imbalances with the adrenals, and 5 other hormones, as well. My blood work comes back as "normal." My MRI came back as normal. I sent my records to UVA and the DR. totally dismissed my saliva tests, and said there was nothing she could do.

I know I have cushings, because I have all the symptoms. Adrenal failure is next to impossible to live with. I need to find a DR. who will take me very serious. I have had one near death after another for 3 years.

I am in alot of pain, and I feel very alone. I live in VA, but UVA is shunning me. Can you refer anyone else in VA who will take saliva tests seriously and help me to have other tests done, as well. I could have a pit tumor in the pituitary tha is not showing up.

I am on Medicaid, and can only see DRS. in VA... please help..


(MaryO Note: Anita didn't give authorization to inclue her email address. Please contact her through the message boards.)

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