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Angidee's Story

I am a 38 year old mother of 3 (ages 10,7,and 2) from the midlands of South Carolina.

I recently read the article by Sharmyn McGraw in Women's Day. I was astonished at the symptoms we shared. I had never even heard of Cushing's disease until this article. I have all the classic symptoms weight gain, sleep disorder, joint pain, skin conditions, fatique, migraines, hair loss, tightness in the neck, high blood pressure (all of these were diagnosed as depression and stress related and I have been taking Zoloft, Zanax, Nexium and Verapimil). But there were other symptoms too, such as swelling hands-feet-legs, a hump at base of neck, excessive hair on face-arms-thighs-abdomen, staying thirsty all the time, frequent urinating, memory loss, lack of sexual desire, snoring, sleep apnea, trouble swallowing, flushing/night sweats (most of these were attributed to side affects from the medicines or the weight gain).

I really was starting to believe that I was insane and having a breakdown of body and mind. I have been seeing an internist, but I don't think he has stepped back and took a look at this whole package I have. I was once a slim, fun-loving, out-going person. Now I feel like a dried up old knot on a log. I weigh 230 pounds and have the strength of a wet noodle. I feel so bad for my husband and kids - they miss the old me and I feel as if they are being cheated out of the good times in their life by dragging around this wet blanket that doesn't feel like doing anything but staying in bed.

Since I just read the article last night (Sat.), I plan to call my doctor first thing Monday and share what I have discovered and request testing that would rule out - or - confirm Cushing's. My mom died from a cancerous brain tumor and I would have never in a million years thought I would be wishing for a brain tumor - but I feel like I am dying and to have a diagnoses that is treatable would be a wonderful gift right now. I ask for your prayers for an end to this nightmare I have been living, and I offer my prayers for you all too. God Bless you all. Angie

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