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Angela's Story

In 2001 I was working and hit my elbow and ruptured my ulnar nerve and was diagnosed with CPRS/RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome).

I was sent to the insurance md and was given my first injection of Cortisone\marcaine. That followed-up with 40+ injections. I was sent to another pain md who proceeded to kill my nerve with the same type injections and epidural pump (cortisone\marcaine), I had 100+ additional injections during this time.

I started to have heart problems and left sided mirgranes with left sided head pressure. This continued until the cardio md said, "You are normal", even though his and my heart did not act the same, I had a racing heart with irregular beats but he did not and said, "it is normal for you", although I went to him for the irregularity.

Hair started to fall out in clumps and weight gain and added hip pain. My new pain md said it was my meds. So I stopped all meds for 3 months.

I could not deal too well with stress and could no longer sleep at night and was having memory problems and bruising, blotchy skin. The CPRS\RSD pain was not getting better and now I was getting tired, overweight and dark spots on my face.

I changed to a less stressful enviornment, but continued to be tired, hurt, forget and have a rage problem (my poor son). My face started to change, I noticed my jaw was getting puffy and by this time I already had huge swelling on the collarbone. My left side of the neck hurt and when I was upset or happy it throbbed and brought heart pain and migranes. I was really not do well.

I read a Readers Digest article and during the read I realized I was going through the same thing and it hit me, "Cushing's from the injections!" And here I am looking for answers.

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