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Andrea's Story

Hi, I'm Andrea... a 37 year old mother of two.

I received a preliminary diagnosis of Cushing's last week, and am still going through the testing phase. I have lots of lovely symptoms (weight gain of 48 lbs in 4.5 months), buffalo hump, moon face, striae, muscle weakness, etc. But not others, like facial hair.

My first test showed me as not having a high cortisol level but the doctor doesn't feel this matches his suspected diagnosis so he's sending me in for the cortisol suppresion test.

Now I'm just caught between being scared that I have Cushings, and being scared that I don't. On the one hand, I would be so very happy to finally get a diagnosis that isn't "You're just crazy. Here, take some more anti-depressants" to being terrified of the treatment and long term prognosis. Ugh.

At least I'm in Minnesota within decent driving distance of the Mayo clinic. But, we just canceled our health insurance today since we can't afford it anymore (we're self insured) and it wasn't covering anything anyway.

My one question is, does anyone out there know what happens if you have most of the symptoms, but the tests are negative? Does this just take a long time to show up on tests?

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