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Alison's Story

About five years ago, I began stacking on weight (over 50 kilos in total now). I was once a size 10 and now I am a size 20 and growing. I suffer from allergies, I got hives everyday. I can't go out in the sun and I can't get too cold because I get sick. For five years I have been nagging the doctors knowing that something was wrong. Recently I moved suburbs and decided to get a new doctor. She sent me straight off for testing and set me an appointment at a Specialist at a nearby hospital. I am Vitamin B12 deficient and after having a cat scan they have found some abnormalities with my pituitary gland. I am off to have a MRI today and I have my follow up appointment tomorrow. I am a little scared about what happens next but anything has to be better than the hell I am living in at the moment.

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