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Alfie's Story

For nearly 12 years I have literally fallen to pieces with one doctor after another and tests galore. I have had my knees operated on. My Hands, my esophagus, colonoscopies, Egds, hysterectomy, Cervical disc surgeries (2) so far. Ulna nerve transpositions, Right Knee Acl reconstruction, and in the hospital numerous times. I still feel like crap.

I have gained almost 100 pounds, my face and neck are rounded out and distorted like a balloon, I have this gigantic hump at the base of my neck. The entire area around this burns and aches 24/7. Doctors have been giving me steroids off and on for the last 10 years, more on than off. My hair was (thank God) super thick and now it is so very fine, it just keeps coming out by the handfulls. I have migraines and have for the last 12 years that never/ever completely go away. I had 2 cardiac caths, a Nissan flundoplication, and at this point I am ready to give up because things are deteriorating so fast. My muscles have atrophied so bad that it hurts to walk in the store, Driving is painful and I have absolutely no energy, and just depressed or stressed out to the max. I am wanting to see a doctor and ask him about this Cushings.

I was at the doctor awaiting a hip Xray and in a Woman's Day Magazine saw a story entitled, "What is wrong with me?" and there it was.. all of my symptoms in a nutshell, and it was Cushings and so then I checked it out and it led me here. I am hoping someone can tell me what to say to the doctor so that he will take me seriously and I will not come off looking like a nutcase. I have got to do something or else I am just ready to check out of this world. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

This is a wonderful site. I pray to God that this will be the answer to agonizing pain and frustrations. I am 49 years of age and this started and progressed from age 36, when I weighed 120 and now I weigh well needless to say I have enough upper body fat that I look ready to deliver quads. Any help will be greatly appreciated. What should I have the doctor do first?

Thank you ahead of time. alfie

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