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Alexandra's Story...

I have been having major symptoms of what I have now found out to be Cushing's for almost a year now...well, some symptoms seem to date back a few years...just did not realize it at the time! I am waiting as of now to find out if it is my Pituitary or Adrenal causing this. If anyone has any insight, as this is all new to me, please feel to talk!!

To let you know...I have most all sympptoms from 50% of hair gain on face and neck....the famous buffalo hump, bruising and swelling, you name it...I have it!! And it was at my request to my family doctor to see a specialist after I have been told for months that I am just stressed, maybe need to be put on anti-depressents!! I refused! I new something was not right...I am normally 118 lbs...I work out, eat right, and over two months...I put on alot of weight in my stomach and thighs. Then bruising and swelling! Then little by little, new signs kept coming on...and i kept going back to my doctor, and was told not to worry.....I should be happy at how I look after two kids and being 33. Can you believe that??

Anyways...I should know something here in a day or two where things are wrong, so as for surgery...I am scared and need anyone's input!!!

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