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Aleisha's Story...

I was 21 when I was diagnosed with Cushing's, now I am 24 and fully recovered with a wonderful husband who stood by me through it all, and a beautiful 6 month old daughter. I believe it all started in August 2001 when I was 143lbs and went on a doctor's assisted diet with Medical Solutions. They put me on a diet and exercise regimen while taking prednisone once a day. I was on this diet until November 2001 when I reached 123lbs. After the diet ended I continued working out 2 hours a day and stayed on a strict diet, and discontinued the prednisone.

By January 2002 I started gaining the weight back. Then by May 2002 I was 165lbs still working out and eating well. My symptoms were, frequent urination, round face, buffalo hump, skin tenderness, weight gain in mid section and thighs, irritability, depression, yellow skin around my joints, hair growth on face, arms and back, and hair loss on my head. It was horrible.

I had been to 5 doctors who had thought I had liver disease and put me on a detox diet, or they thought I had hyperthyroidism. It wasn't until I got recommened by my pshychologist to go to an endrocronologist. So I did, and as soon as I walked into his office he said I had Cushing's without a doubt. He said first thing we have to do is get an MRI and see where I was effected. Sure enough I had a tumor on my right adrenal gland that was twice the size of the gland itself. Luckily there was nothing in my brain.

Within 2 weeks I had my adrenal gland and the tumor removed in a high risk 4 hour surgery. To this day no one knows what caused me to have this disease at such a young age but I have a theory and I think a case. My theory is I was overdosed on prednisone and abruptly taken off of the steroid when I had stopped the diet. I am trying to get as much information as possible so I can let people know that if you want to lose wieght with prednisone DON'T DO IT! I believe that I was not told all of the facts and I was not warned of the consequences.

Can anyone help me?

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