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Adriana's Story...

I am 26 yrs old, and I have been trying to get pregnant for a long while now. In the past doctors had prescribed a couple of fertility meds to no avail.

I am currently seeing another doctor which has finally gotten my illnesses under control. I have Diabetes 2, Thyroid problems, and PCOS.... My doc has gotten all of my hormones under control with the exception of one (PROLACTIN). According to my doc, it is as high as a pregnant woman going into her 2nd trimester.

My doc also mentioned that if after 3 more months of fertility injections there is still no pregnancy ; and if my prolactin is still high then she will ask for an MRI...... because she believes I may have a tumor in my pituitary gland.......I have the horrible buffalo hump, hair ALL OVER, no periods, infertility, I weigh 220 lbs, (trying to loose with no success), all of this now for the past 8 years.

Is there anyone out there like me??? Does cushings still allow you to have children??? Will the symptoms ever get better??? PLEASE SOMEONE, I HAVE BEEN ALONE IN THIS UNTIL NOW THAT I FOUND THIS SITE......

Adry Contreras

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