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Jackie's Story


My name is Jackie (Addiegirl). I was diagnosed with Addisons 2 1/2 yrs ago, At first my dr didn't know what was wrong,I had symtoms that where very odd he thought. Finnally he figured what was wrong, I went on alot of medicines Steroids being the worst, So I put on alot of weight,80lbs.

So anyway he sent me to an Endocrinologist a year later in Chattanooga, she specialized in Addisons. When I went to see her She said that I had cushings syndrom and Osteoporosis she said my back was pretty bad.

So thats basically my story. I do stay sick alot, I can't never find clothes to fit me,I also have alot of other health problems due to the steroids. So if you ever run out of things to pray about you can always pray for me.

Thank You,

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