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Abigail's Story...

I am currently 26 years old. At age 14 I started gaining weight like crazy all while taking dance classes 4 night a week for 2 hours, aerobics everyday at school, and marching band practice after for school for 1 1/2 hours. I gained 60 pounds in 2-3 months! My mom started taking me to doctors. I ended up at en endocrinologist and he diagnosed me with PCOS. At this time I had developed "the hump "

By the time I was 15 I was also being seen by a rheumatologist and diagnosed with Fibromyalgia - missed my entire sophomore year of hish school - parents hired private tutors. At this time I was also suffering horrible headaches and insomnia. I stayed around 170 pounds for a while once I started Glucophage when it first came available. Then I started gaining weight again and then diagnosed with endometreosis.

At 19, I was diagnosed with rhuematoid arthiritis. I had sinus surgery in 2000 after chronic sinus infections. I also have had my gall bladder taken out in 2001 after being sick for ever. In 2002, I had surgery to burn the endometreosis off.

I got pregnant in 2003 and did wonderful - I actualy lost weight during pregnancy and even more when I nursed. Well, I stopped nursing 11/30/05 and have since gained 35 pounds as I couldn't get in to see the endocrinologist to start me on my Glucophage again. Now I'm on Glucophage and Byetta as well as Prozac for anxiety. I've also been seing an allergist and ENT as my upper respiratory infections are coming on about every 4 weeks - sinus infection, ear infections causing hearing loss, bronchitis.

I now am going to Univ. of South Florida academic research hospital on 7/18/06 to meet with a special immunologist about an IgG primary immune defeciency. When I saw the mystery diagnosis on Cushing I started to cry when the spoke about the "hump " I immediately gathered all the info I could and made an appointment with my endocrinologist. He agreed to do the dexameth suppression test which I'm on my way to do, but he said he doesn't think I have it because my hump is not as large as the 1 patient he's seen with cushings, but I have many of the symptoms.

I pray that I do have Cushing because it would answer so many questions! Please keep me in your thoughts!

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