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Abbee's Story

Hello, my name is Abbee. I'm a 41 year old female. I'm not sure if I have cushing, but I have 95% of the signs. Like a lot of you, I went to the doctor and I was told it was simple weight gain and I was given an anti-depressant. I didn't think about it anymore. That was several years ago. Maybe it was too early to tell.

Now, about 8 years later, I have several symptoms that lets me know that something is definitely wrong. I don't look like myself anymore. My face is very round and I look like I'm pregnant. It's hard for me to find clothes to fit me. I can't wear my watch or rings anymore. I'm constantly tired and have become anti-social. My son and several people on my job have been concerned about me. Other people I have discussed this with says there's nothing wrong with me. I think they think I'm joking when I talk about it.

I'm currently looking for a specialist in my area. Hopefully this site will help me to find out more about cushing and I will be able to find a good specialist that is familiar with it.

I look forward to chatting with everyone.

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