Sunday, June 21, 2009

Michelle (Michelle), pituitary bio

30 yof who was dx in April of 2009 with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), one week later Diabetes, and one week later Cushings.

Doc says CHF and diabetes are secondary to Cushings and should go away after sx. Had numerous tests done to locate the tumor with no avail.

Took going to NIH to locate the tumor which is 7 mm and on my pituitary.

Surgery is scheduled for 7-29-09. Suggested to my doctor a few years ago that I had cushings...the weight gain, lack of a monthly cycle, infertility ( they told me I had PCOS after already having a child), etc.

They told me I had been reading too many books and that I did not have Cushings, it was too rare. I would love to see that doctor again after sx with all my records and tell her what a big mistake!!

Never assume anything just because it is "rare". Can't wait to get my life back. The last few years have been awful!

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