Friday, June 12, 2009

Lianne (Kiwilady), undiagnosed bio

Not yet diagnosed but have high blood pressure, am pre-diabetic, and have (under or over - cannot quite remember which) active thyroid. These all diagnosed late last year.

Have been putting on weight for past 18 months or so, increasingly over past 6 months. (Went from 126kg. three days ago to over 130kg.'s today --- impossible to say what it is exactly today (13 June 2009) as my scale only goes up to 130kg.'s).

I have been seeing a Gastroenterologist due to 'tummy problems' for some months. He rescribed Creon which I take with every meal. This is because he believes I have malabsorbtion. An MRI MRCP (Pancreas + ducts) done recently was negative and am due to have a Hepotobiliary Scan (IDA) in a few weeks time. He also referred me to an Endocronologist who has found the following:

"Moon face"
"Buffalo hump"
Inexplicable weight gain with supraclavicular fat
Reddish stiae in lower abdomen
Bruise easily
Significant proximal weakness
Increased pigment on left side of neck and upper back (the latter has mysteriously disappeared but I have photographs to prove it was there)
Low energy levels (this is actually extreme fatigue)
Increased frequency of urination.

The first 24 hour cortisol test was slightly elevated at 304 nmol/24 hours. My second test - read about 2 weeks ago - was "within normal range" according to my GP (exact figure not yet known).

I am not using any blood pressure lowering medication as yet and am due to consult my GP again about this issue next week sometime (appointment not yet made).

I use Gabapentin (3 x 300 mg's x 3 daily) and Tramadol (150 mg's x 2 daily + 50mg's x 1 daily) for residual low back pain (post 2 x discectomy surgeries at L5/S1 level). I also take Prozac (2 x daily) for PTSD.

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