Monday, June 22, 2009

Leah (cushiemom4), adrenal bio

Hi I am new here, but have a few questions.

I had cushings for about 4 years before they found out what was wrong with me, I actually was the one that found out, my hubby and I were watching Mystery Diagonis on TLC a woman with the same symptoms...

I told my dr and they did all the tests..long story short, they found out I had a tumor on my Right Adrenal gland, and had to have major surgery with a very long recovery, It will be a year this August 8th...

I was about 205 at surgery and now am 116 so I did pretty well. I am going to be 35 this august....

I have just found out I am pregnant and am very nervous. I have 4 children already am am worried about this pregency..I was wondering if anyone has gone through this and am looking for any advice..

thank you

(MaryO note: Although Leah asks several questions, she didn't give permission for a link to her email address to be added to her bio)

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