Friday, May 15, 2009

Shirley (SBett), pituitary bio

After 6 years my Dr finally got me a MRI and found a pituitary tumor. That was one month ago.

I am driving over 60 miles to see my Endo, who is currently running all the tests. She found my cortisol high and my growth hormone also high. I am currently half way through a five day dexamethasone test. And Nervous!!!

I have all the Cushing's symptoms from the Buffalo Hump to uncontrolled Blood Pressure. This website has helped me a lot in understanding what I am facing. So far the Dr have been real cut and dry just reading off test results and failing to explain much. I can not stand waiting for the outcome. I really want to get healthy.

I am 29 years old, will be married for 10 years in Sept. to the most amazing man in the world!!! 10 years ago I weighed 105lbs and was petite cute and adorable. I now look more like Pheonia off Shrek.

I have an 8 year old genius for a son and a very high energy 7 year old daughter. I'm starting to feel like I'm failing my kids because I can no longer keep up with them. From the baseball games, school activities, cheerleading, to just getting them dinner every night.

I also work a very stressful but supportive part time job at the local DMV. My Bosses have shown me the upmost respect and support.

I am scared but releived and excited to finally be diagnosised. Maybe I wasn't crazy.

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